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About Us

NaTour Bled. Best Outdoor Activities

Experienced travel people in love with Slovenia.

We've been living in Bled for years and that's why we are best at trip around that beautiful Slovenian diamond.

We organize short and long trips around Bled and Slovenia.

We are located right in the heard of Bled, near the lake.

About Our Agency

Experience the real Slovenia.

Natour Bled is a sports and tourism agency with a wide range of sporting activities in the area of Slovenia and its nearby surroundings. We are a team who are in love with sport, it occupies most of tour and free time, in fact, we live sport. Sport is our motto, hobby, and also our work. Therefore, we invite you to view our offer of activities, and choose the best or most appropriate for you.

We are experts especially in the field of cycling, where we offer you many day trips around various Slovenian cities and regions. On our tours you will not get too tense, you will find time to enjoy the wonderful diversity of the Slovenian landscape, taste some local delicacies, and enjoy the company of pleasant hosts and experience the most authentic Slovenia.

So get into nature and have fun with Natour Bled, we will excite you to join us for some wonderful experiences.


Right above the most famous Slovenian lake.

We are located right above the most famous Slovenian lake Bled, so you’ll easily find us during your walk around the lake.