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Škocjan Caves – Slovenian Coast


This day trip unveils the great geographic diversity between different regions in Slovenia. You will experience Julian Alps, Karst, wine growing regions and the Mediterranean coast in one amazing day!


  • Bled
  • Škocjan cave
  • Štanjel
  • Piran
  • Sečovlje salt pans
  • Ljubljana old city



Information & Price:

DATES: every day

DURATION: Full day (8 am to 8 pm)

NEEDED: swimming suit, a towel, sporty shoes

PRICE: 69 eur/person

WE PROVIDE: expert local guide, transfer service – pick up at your accommodation


Not included:
Škocjan cave (18  €)



We will pick you up from your accommodation and make our way to the south of Slovenia, where we make our first stop at the spectacular Škocjan caves. The tour through the caves is done on foot, where you first follow a narrow underground tunnel and then gradually discover the beauties of the underworld with beautiful Karst formations. The cave then gets bigger and bigger until you’re blown away as you find yourself in the highest underground tavern in the world measuring an astounding 146m! Through the cave you follow the Reka river as it makes it’s way to the exit of the caves. (Cave entrance fee not included in tour price).

From Škocjan we follow the beautiful Karst landscape and carry on to the jewel of the Karst region – Štanjel. Štanjel is one of the best preserved and most scenic Karst villages with it’s typical stone-house architecture. Here we visit the Štanjel castle and the Church of Saint Daniel from 15th century, which make Štanjel so remarkable. Also a highlight of modern Karst architecture.

From Štanjel we drive to the Slovenian coast, where we visit the city of Piran. The town is almost exclusively built from stone and white marble and offers a great insight into life as it was over 500 years ago, when Piran and the Slovenian coast were a part of the Venetian republic. We will lead you through the maze of narrow streets and show you all the landmarks of Piran. You will have a lunchbreak of one hour.

After lunch we visit the Sečovlje salt pans and see how salt is taken from the ocean water and then dried in the famous salt pans. The salt from Sečovlje is highly regarded in culinary circles and known as one of the best tasting salts.

On the way back to Bled we can make an optional stop in the old part of Ljubljana, where you’ll be able to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a refreshing drink and perhaps dinner before returning back to Bled to complete a great day out!